An Abridged Version of Me


My book, The Execution Channel: A Political Fable is a satirical romp set in the not-too-distant future about free market politics, the cult of Ayn Rand and "Atlas Shrugged," love, betrayal, genius reaffirmed, the power of incoherent political rhetoric, and psychic readings.


I am an award-winning journalist and writer who covered his first N. H. presidential primary in 1980. I am the former business editor, opinion page editor, political editor and author of the infamous 'Out on a Limb' column at the Portsmouth (NH) Herald. I have written for more than 40 New Hampshire and New England publications including New Hampshire Business Review, Union Leader of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Magazine, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Keene Sentinel, Telegraph of Nashua, Boston Globe Magazine, New Hampshire Fairways, The Goffstown News, and yes, even a small, now-defunct animal publication called Furry Friends Frolic (really). I am willing to bet that no one can top this trivia question: who is the only person to write about animals working on television for Furry Friends Frolic and appear on the PBS News Hour as an expert on the New Hampshire Presidential Primary?


Among a few highlights: I co-wrote the produced play “think twice before you think” about the life of e. e. cummings; my essay  "Abridged History of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary" was published in the 2008  The American Presidency anthology book; and my profile of Marilyn Monroe’s first husband James Dougherty was featured in the Boston Globe Magazine (see it here).


I have been blessed to win multiple journalism awards for business, investigative and historical reporting, feature writing and for political columnist of the year. During the 2008 presidential primary season, then-Sen. Barack Obama actually returned my phone calls (see column here). Not so much anymore.


I've even managed to find time working as a communication director for an up and coming software company (I of course was late to the party and missed on the stock option ride to riches when the bust happened) and was an account executive for a higher education public relations firm. Among other pursuits, I've also worked as a restaurant manager, community college instructor, document delivery man, substitute teacher, newspaper delivery person, professional videographer and photographer, busboy, documentary film scriptwriter, edcuational and industrial video producer, dishwasher, Veteran's Administration campus director, television advertising production instructor, commuter airline ticket agent, and house painter. My personal Top 5 occupational memory found me working on an assembly line in Germany where I put powdered sugar on passing donuts.


I am a left-coast native (born in Washington state and grew up in Las Vegas) , a U.S. Army veteran and a graduate of Keene State (NH) College. I never quite found the time to finish my graduate degree in American history at the University of New Hampshire.  When I'm not writing for money or inventing alternative political realities for pleasure (and hopefully some profit), I can be found at on ocean beach or on a nearby golf course seeking the perfect round.


I am researching and working on my next project: a play about and starring President Lyndon B. Johnson, surely a figure right right out of a Greek tragedy. While The Execution Channel: A Political Fable is my first published novel, I have written an unpublished novel, an unproduced theatre play, an unproduced television pilot sitcom script, and a political thriller screenplay on spec that had a nanosecond of promise in Hollywood before it disappeared in a black hole.


My wife Anne and I live in Exeter, New Hampshire with our cat Vito who may have his own Facebook page soon.

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