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See my recent essay in Daily Kos on Satire, Trumpism and Real Amkerica


GOOD COMPANY: Thanks to readers, the book cracked the Top 20 in the Kindle Store political humor category (#8 briefly) right up there with Stepehen Colbert, Bill Maher, Dave Barry, P. J. O'Rourke and Glenn Beck (Glenn Beck and humor. Who knew?)


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From anonymous one-star reader review on Barnes and Noble: No.


Get ready to laugh and cry for America. Prepare to see the real American society through the eyes of a satirical author whose political comedy is a swipe at everyone trying to make today's America very ungovernable. The hilarious edge of the narrative helped in making the read a lot more enjoyable than it would have been had there just been a doomsday undertone spewing forth from McCord's pen. Assuredly, he got many things right in his book -- Nigerian author George Shadow.


It's fun and funny. It's clever. It's satire. It's prophetic. It's scary. Michael McCord has a really sharp eye and pen. You giggle early on into your read. Suddenly, you recognize these characters and you start to squirm a little...We are flown to an alternate universe where there is little left of what a few of us can still remember as responsive and responsible American government...McCord gets it. And in giving it to the reader in his very entertaining manner, we are uncomfortably reminded of how fatal the cost of our apathy can be. -- Carol Selsberg, Maine


What if John Oliver of the Daily Show wrote the next five years or so of American history?...The role of the satire is to make you laugh (which The Execution Channel does on every page) as well as distill the notion that many of us have after overdosing on recent news: You don't know whether to laugh, cry, or move to Latin America or Australia. -- Bruce W. Perry, Vermont author of "Ascent" and "Barbarous Coasts." 


As a madhatter teapartying conservative it was a rough ride in some places. But the overall story should be looked at in context as a satire. Sometimes I would flip characters in my head and recognize progressive heavyweights as the characters. It was ultimately a fun read and if you are a progressive, liberal, or whatever brand you want then it will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. If you're a conservative do like I did, enjoy it as a fun read and bite your tongue in the appropriate places. “LONG LIVE JOHN GALT”! -- Michael Carr, New Hampshire


I enjoyed reading The Execution Channel. It's a real wake-up call, because it's not far fetched in today's world. Mike McCord has created a scenario that is at times funny and at other times chilling. Being a political junkie, I liked it a lot and recommend to other political junkies. -- Joan Jacobs, New Hampshire


What a wild ride! I found this parable scary and hilarious by turn. The scary part is when you listen to the news and hear it reflected in the book, or maybe it is the other way around. Hilarious at some of the contemporary parallels to what is being said on TV today, that are actually being said by characters in the book. Great satire, even if it does cut to the bone a bit too often and makes the reader squirm.-- Cyndy Chase, New Hampshire


The book is laugh out loud funny in places. At other times it seems to be an eerie predictor of what is just about to happen. It's so well done that political junkies from every state will be able to identify which members of their legislatures might make up the Imbecile Caucus of the Mad Hatter Republicans in Real America, on both a state and national level. -- Susan Bruce, New Hampshire


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