End Times: Further Adventures in Real America

The Execution Channel: A Political Fable was just the beginning. It’s 2020 and Lawrence C. ‘Demon Seed’ Bowie has been appointed Chairman, CEO, President, and toga-wearing Emperor of Real America, Inc., the corporate governing body of the breakaway nation of Real America. Bowie is hailed (and hails himself) a genius for implementing the full power of The Galtian Imperatives which prophesizes an exalted form of “super-duper profit capitalism.” The goal to create “prosperity for all who matter” comes by eliminating representative government, the middle class, and annoying labor costs through innovations such as moocher indentured servitude and modified forms of voluntary slavery.


Bowie yearns for historical glory and global acclaim but events and foes conspire against him:

* His beloved Mama Bowie defects to the Old USA and denounces her son “as an ignorant and dangerous fool.”

* The mysterious and elusive R-Gurr leads the moocher resistance forces and ruins Bowie's inaugural night of festivities.

* Penelope the Psychic writes a book (Bowie Lies! The Really True Story of The Execution Channel) that debunks Bowie’s stature as founding genius behind the popular and profitable public execution televinet network.

* Mr. Jones, the most feared security operative in Real America, is caught in an intelligence blackmail vice while he attempt to stop the Rapture Nine formula before it's too late. The Rapture Nine formula has been developed by a Bowie-supporting religious cult to hasten the arrival of End Times biblical prophecy.


Follow the absurd, farcical and satirical alternative reality of American politics and economics gone haywire in End Times: Further Adventures in Real America which is slated for release in 2018.





Part One

December 2020: Prosperity for All Who Matter


“It was brilliant that for decades we manipulated the moocher hordes to vote against their own interests. It was true genius that we got them to give up having any interest whatsoever.”

 – Lawrence C. “Demon Seed” Bowie, the President, CEO, Chairman of the Board and Emperor Supreme of Real America, Inc.



Chapter One

Austerity is Beautiful

By any standard of celebrity justice, Lawrence C. “Demon Seed” Bowie deserved a long and sustained stretch of maximum adoration as he prepared for the greatest moment of his life. After all, he was the newly-appointed President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, and toga-wearing Emperor Supreme of Real America, Inc., the corporate-run entity comprised of 23 former states and parts of states that had seceded from the Old USA. The official ceremony for his appointment would take place around the winter solstice on December 20, 2020 and for Bowie it was confirmation of his rightful place in Real American history.


At 47 years young, Bowie was admired by Real Americans of all ages for being the “indispensable Real American” (as his corps of political pundit enforcers called him) for his boldness, incoherent candor and for leading the complete break from the moocher- and liberal- contaminated Old USA in 2019. In a non-binding referendum in the summer of 2020, he was supported by 98 percent of Real Americans. As he said in numerous speeches extolling his own genius, Bowie credited himself for keeping the promise to create “a government worth hating and hating and then hating some more even when you think you can’t hate anymore. Only then can we put the moochers who threaten us in their proper place and eliminate the idea of government.”


Bowie was not a complicated man and his physical stature in many ways defined him. He was of average height but his square, musclular body type, short legs and small head that was home to even smaller black-brownish eyes conspired to make him him appear smaller than he was. But it was often noted by commentators that as he spoke, Bowie's head size increased with the volume of lies and nonsense he spouted. Bowie was not shy about sharing the secrets of his genius or paying pundit enforcers to spread the gospel. “It’s as simple as that,” wrote John Signint, a pundit enforcer for the Galt News Spectrum. “Bowie has made the impossible possible, the incomprehensible sensible and nonsense coin of my realm. This isn’t rocket science or complicated as the liberal elitists want us to believe. Our great leader has a simple formula that is astounding in its simplicity. If you think it properly it becomes so. If you believe something shouldn’t exist, then disappear it and we will all be the better. Bowie is a hero for the ages.”


Even before his multi-titled appointment as the new leader of Real America, Inc. was announced in September of 2020 by the Guardians of Galt board of High Holy Directors, Bowie had added yet another headline to his legendary resume.  He decreed in early 2020 that the new capital and headquarters of Real America, Inc. – a walled and mote-protected compound of 927 buildings, two secret police bases and 64 executive mansions spreading out over millions of acres – would be located near Free Dallas in the Real American Free Liberty Corporate State of Texas.


As the Guardian in Galt in charge of the Real American Confederated Corporate State Compact (the corporate governing authority and holding company in charge of Real America before its legal transformation into Real America, Inc.), Bowie seized the land in question via NCD or by Guardian of Galt trademarked designation of “Necessary Corporate Domain.” NCD was the latest legal innovation of economic efficiency and plunder enacted by the Guardians of Galt, the richest of the rich, the top .0000001 percent of financial plunderers, speculators and free market wizards who guided the fortunes of the new corporate country and who protected Real Americans from the plague of moocherism. After Bowie and his speculator partners used the NCD decree to evict more than 120,000 people considered nonessential moocher-affiliated “types unworthy of proper legal protection,” they promptly sold the property to Real America, Inc. for a tidy profit of 10.5 billion RAD (Real American Dollar).


Real America, Inc. then financed the purchase by raising protection fees on various classes of moocher business owners who had chosen to stay in Real America despite their diminished social and economic status. Real America, Inc. also sold junk bonds to excited investors across the globe who believed in the promise of Real America. The landmark transaction was hailed by the Galt Street Journal editorial as a “win-win” maneuver for Real America, Inc. This adept plunder was also further proof that the Galtian Imperatives, the reverently-accepted and little understood economic religion of Real America, worked as promised. The Guardians of Galt were hailed again because this latest venture showed that “maximum exploitation and zero risk” affirmed the Real American way of creating new standards of “Super Duper Profit Capitalism.”


A few months before Acceptance Night, Bowie celebrity status skyrocketed again when he became ReDigMed star as his reality show “Home with Bowie” debuted as the top-ranked DigMed offering in both Real America and Old USA.


“Real Americans admire me because, all due modesty aside, I am a true genius who deserves all the credit for my success. Under my undeniably brilliant leadership, Real America, Inc. is on track to have a 22 billion RAD profit and we have set a new standard for free labor exploitation. There is no time to waste when one is doing God’s work,” Bowie said to a Galt Street Journal reporter in the fall of 2020 about the source of his show’s popularity. “People are comfortable with me they know that intelligence is overrated and sustained ignorance is an honored talent. It doesn’t matter that dire predictions of yesterday did not come true. It only matters that today I come bearing the truth that you yearn to believe. Only the moocher loser hordes doubt that we live in a corporate land that’s been blessed by the Holy Trinity of Ayn Rand, John Galt and Me.”


Bowie was not only the undisputed leader and champion of his genius but he was an enthusiastic front man for Real America Inc. Bowie loved giving speeches and interviews to friendly reporters who in turn were paid well to worship him 24/7/365. Doing God’s work had kept the former used car salesman busy and made him very successful. Bowie had climbed the ranks from relatively unknown Mad Hatter Congressman from Texas in 2010 to brash leader of the Congressional Imbecile Caucus to popular governor of the Real American Republic of Texas in 2018. He had been indicted 23 times for allegedly violating state and federal laws for perjury, money laundering, bribery and unapologetic public corruption. He had been acquitted every time because prosecutors found it difficult to finagle testimony from reluctant witnesses who personally adored Bowie.


“The man can’t help himself. We shouldn’t be worried because Mr. Bowie’s corruption is sincere and genuine and all done for a greater cause of Real American liberty,” said former Bowie aide Riley B. Smuttencase in a press conference following his conviction for using taxpayer funds to buy a vacation home for Bowie in 2016. “Going to jail to protect my Real American hero is a privilege.”


Smuttencase was part of Bowie’s fanatical fan base who considered him a living deity for being the essential founding father of Real America. Bowie had a growing list of accomplishments difficult to track but his massive propaganda bureau did a fine job of keeping Real Americans apprised of their leader’s daring-do. Once labeled by his critics as the “the most corrupt and ill-informed man in Congress,” Bowie now one of the richest men in Real America. He was the founder of the Real American Party, and the driving force behind Real America, Inc. He had also been welcomed to the Guardians of Galt club by his fellow plunderers and speculators who saw in Bowie a vital ally, a late-blooming kindred spirit who had proven that unintelligent might did indeed prove right.


Bowie’s popularity was enhanced by his stature as the best-selling author of “Real American Genius Unbound,” his second autobiography. His 2016 best seller “The Audacity of Me” provided a blueprint for sound political incoherence. “Real American Genius Unbound” continued Bowie’s journey and chronicled his entrepreneurial exploits as the genius behind the creation of The Execution Channel, the wildly popular public execution televinet network that had spawned the greatest Ponzi scheme in human history. Though there were rumors aplenty that Bowie’s role had been more of a political henchman than creative leader, he had written the heroic narrative that the public preferred and believed. After all, there was no doubt that Bowie was a genius and therefore was a dispenser of undisputed, revealed truth directly from Liberty Goddess Ayn Rand.


Bowie’s rise to power had been without historical precedence and in fact his most ardent supporters considered it the political equivalent of the Immaculate Conception. Despite bucking astronomical odds, Bowie was now a multinational conglomerate all to himself. He was the sole owner of Bowie Empire Enterprises, and even Bowie occasionally found it hard to comprehend the extent of his diverse holdings. He was the second-largest employer in Real America and a media magnate who also provided deadly but highly-profitable medical care for moochers through hundreds of hospitals he owned in Real America. He owned six professional sports teams and was the landlord of seven of the nine public execution super stadiums in Real America and part-owner of two execution stadiums in the Old USA.


His corporate tentacles stretched far and wide. He oversaw the largest and most profitable illegal drug cartel and the second largest black market pharmaceutical racket in the world. He ran the largest oil drilling, natural gas fracking, pawn shop, banking, and gun-running, and human slave trafficking corporations in the western hemisphere. He was also a publishing maven who boasted that he was determined to eradicate “down to the nasty root” all fact-based journalism from Real America, Inc.


And last but certainly not least, he was commander in chief of the 1.5 million strong Real American Confederated Militia Forces (also known as the Southern Alliance) that were waging a limited but vicious war of attrition against the terrorists of the Moocher Resistance Front and the Northern Alliance military forces of the Old USA.


In the pantheon of Real American Mythology

Bowie’s Acceptance Night ceremony in December of 2020 was intended to further cement his legacy. Bowie himself continued to stake out new boundaries of hyperbolic excess and self-promotion befitting his stature. He hailed his presidential appointment by the Real America, Inc. board of directors as the most important global political development since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Bowie was fond of telling and re-telling his indispensable role in the birth of Real America and what he had personally overcome to join Liberty Goddess Ayn Rand and John Galt in the pantheon of Real American mythology.


In fact, numbing repetition of lies and more lies was Bowie’s calling card going back to his days in Congress leading the legendary Imbecile Caucus, which was famous for their feats of bold incoherence and unabashed destruction of the governing process. The Randian consultant-mystics in his office and his propaganda advisers said repetition of lies was the key to enforce the principles of this new age. According to Guardian of Galt logic, Real Americans welcomed being told that concepts such as truth, facts, rational thinking and reasoned debates were relics of the disgraced Old USA past. This tactic fit in well with Bowie’s ability to unleash stream of consciousness revelations on demand.


Bowie came in November 2020 to the inaugural conference of the Daughters of the Real American Revolution in Atlantica, the newly renamed capital of the Georgia Liberty State. The speech before 65,000 adoring women at the second-largest public execution stadium in Real America was more of the same but a chorus of pundit enforcers called it the “greatest Real American speech” yet.


He was also applauded for answering recent allegations from Old USA media outlets that Bowie had raped, sexually assaulted and harassed more than 125 women during his climb to power. “Ladies, let me answer all these lies once and for all. You know how I love and respect women and you know Mama Bowie wouldn’t tolerate any funny business. But I swear eternal vengeance on these harlot liars and have ordered our Chief Inquisitor to issue arrest warrants on each and every one of them. These distractions will be dealt with harshly.” The women in the crowd erupted with chants of ‘We love you Bowie’ and ‘Please Fuck Me Bowie’ that lasted more than 10 minutes.


“Ladies, let us behold our greatness as we build upon the accomplishments that began when we undermined that demon government in Washington D.C. and went on the offense and destroyed the last rotten support for that discredited evil of bipartisan feel good treachery. Guided by the sacred wisdom of Ayn Rand and John Galt, our Holy War strategy proved you could stop working with the moocher and liberal traitors and their swishy Republican co-conspirators. The world only got better just as Rand, Galt, and the Galtian Imperatives prophesized,” Bowie said.


“With irrational determination, unparalleled incoherence, and unlimited financial support from our corporate partners, we destroyed the temple of so-called responsible government to forge the right way, the Real American path to a true way of life. We showed ordinary Real Americans that we knew what we were doing and therefore knew what was best for them. Who needs unions when true Real Americans embrace individual liberty as we define it? Who needs voting or Social Security when we have given liberty to future generations so they can serve us? Who needs a grotesque perversion like so-called universal health care when sick people are desperate to work for less and ready to be fully exploited to enhance the bottom line? We eliminated minority rights, women’s rights and have the perverted gay virus on the run. We honestly seek the destruction of all that threatens your liberty and our bottom line. Only the whiners and traitors doubt that our War on the Poor agenda proves itself correct each and every day.


“Let me tell you it was easier than we ever imagined to convince the unworthy that class warfare worked to their benefit.” His audience erupted in laughter. “I kid you not ladies, but we bought their trust on the cheap with fear mongering and obstructionism and look what it delivered. We created maximum chaos and shut down the satanic federal government time and again to prove it wasn’t necessary. It was our vision to squeeze every ounce of opportunity from the crises we created. They mocked me to no end but eventually, we were proven right by wearing down the weak and gutless liberal defenders of moocherism until they surrendered and slithered away. We were accused of doing nothing but that was untrue my fellow Real Americans. After all, we destroyed the full faith and credit of a rotten country unworthy of survival.”


Bowie paused to wild cheers and to soak in their adoration. 


“We proved time and again that we had no shame and in fact boasted that we had no shame when it came to proving our incompetence to govern according to their stale code. Our willingness to use the moocher hordes as hostages showed the brilliance of that incompetence as a rallying cry for a Real American rebirth.”

Massive signs were unfurled and the audience screamed in cheers and chanted WE LOVE THE BOWIE WAY in perfect harmony time and again.


“Real American women, you know the story because you supported us in our hour of need. It took us a while but because you believed in the righteousness of our cause, we turned that Washington D.C. cesspool into a ghost town, a sad monument symbolizing dead thinking and the unworthy history of the Old USA. We have created a new and highly efficient form of corporate democracy to obliterate moocherism. Real America promises to benefit all who matter without wasting time or money on voting and the tedious task of legislation. It was brilliant that for years we manipulated the moocher hordes to vote against their own interests. They played their role in our revolution by being compliant suckers. But we were not done. It was true genius that we got them to give up having any interest whatsoever.”


Everywhere he went in Real America, his carefully-vetted audiences loved him and their resounding approval of Bowie’s every utterance was part of a carefully coordinated program. The always positive VidMed and DigMed coverage worked in unison to create the first truly great personality cult of the 21st Century. His propoganda networks combined to reinforce an image of Bowie as an unstoppable force and a transcendent political and spiritual leader. Under Bowie’s stewardship in tumultuous times, the Galtian Imperatives were embraced and worshiped by tens of millions of converts and zealous defenders as the one and only true economic religion in Real America. Though only a few Galtian mystics who advised Bowie understood the alchemy, it was an article of faith that Real America was the best of all possible worlds because it was being guided by the Galtian Imperatives.


“The Galtian Imperatives inspire us all because only the freest of free markets can truly be free,” Bowie said in a speech to the Real American Tribunes Association in June 2020 as Real America celebrated its 24th consecutive month of negative economic growth. “Our Holy War against government and so-called economic logic has made the world a better place. By force feeding the beautiful medicine of austerity we uphold family values by insuring that families are stronger when they cower in fear together. By prioritizing public bankruptcy, destroying organized labor, celebrating maximum plunder by the Guardians of Galt, eliminating government altogether, ignoring science and the elitists who dare to spread it, and eradicating the dreaded disease of liberal moocherism, don’t you agree we are creating a new world, a Galtian paradise that will transform the universe?”


Bowie frequently told his aides, his Guardians of Galt allies, and, well, just about anyone who would listen, that he was a man of destiny riding the right historical wave, a wave unprecedented in human history. He believed that his genius combined with the magical thinking inspired by the undeniable power of the Galtian Imperatives would propel him into the pantheon of heroes and insure the prosperity and legacy of Real America, Inc. for a thousand years or more.


Alas for Emperor Supreme Lawrence C. “Demon Seed” Bowie there were many foes determined to sabotage Real America, Inc. and his legacy. They were planning to make sure his reign and legacy would be much less than a thousand years of glory. 


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