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Nigerian author George Shadow (The Black Book) said on Amazon:

For the Politically Perceptive

Get ready to laugh, and cry for America. In the not too distant future, a country called 'Real America' is going to emerge from the rubble of 'old America.' Privatization has pervaded all nooks and crannies of society and America's currency is no longer the dollar. The country is in a moral binge, puritan politicians are having a field day, and the death penalty is the norm. Prepare to see the real American society through the eyes of a satirical author whose political comedy is a swipe at everyone trying to make today's America very ungovernable.

Once you begin reading this book, you begin to laugh. Aloud. Then you're some pages into it and you begin to recognize some of its thickly disguised characters and you begin to move about uncomfortably. Now, why is that? Because this book is about present day America and all the rainbows her political class has brought into the fray. The brinkmanship and nay saying, the mudslinging and resolute stupidity, the non-progressive ideas and bipartisan dealing, as well as the racial undertones and bigotry, which the American viewing public is all too aware of every blessed day of their lives. Author McCord brings to life with his pen the Real America set to be dominant in the not-so-distant future, where the dollar has been replaced, puritan-like principles have been put in place, and there is a channel on TV gleefully showing executions as a national pastime. Sadly, the American public's somewhat beleaguered indifference to this trend now gearing up to tear the very fabric of their nationhood has very disastrous consequences for everyone in the end, as McCord's hilariously prophetic read eventually demonstrates.

Written in the third person, this book is a sure proof of the author's ability to deal with a topic as complex as America's political quagmire in the sense of a comical illustration using his flippant style of writing. His sentences are simple and concise, allowing for an easy read. This reviewer especially loved the manner the author captured many societal ills of present-day America and highlighted the consequences of her public's inaction without being too dramatic about it. The hilarious edge of the narrative helped in making the read a lot more enjoyable than it would have been had there just been a doomsday undertone spewing forth from McCord's pen. In addition, the Galtian Imperative, the Sludge Daily Report and The Galt Street Journal are examples of the realistic ventures the author has been able to infuse into his satire. Assuredly, he got many things right in his book.




Carol Selsberg of Eliot, Maine said on Amazon"


It's fun and funny. It's clever. It's satire. It's prophetic. It's scary. Michael McCord has a really sharp eye and pen. You giggle early on into your read. Suddenly, you recognize these characters and you start to squirm a little. They are way too familiar though thickly disguised as satirical antagonists. An ironic homage to today's strident extremists. We are flown to an alternate universe where there is little left of what a few of us can still remember as responsive and responsible American government. No more regulations (Reagan would be cheering). It's all Ayn Rand idolatry and practice (Paul Ryan and Rand Paul ARE cheering). Everything is privatized and exploited by the evil corporate and political tyrants who are unburdening America of what's left of democracy, freedom, clean air, employment, housing, health, safety. And who's going to stop them?! McCord gets it. And in giving it to the reader in his very entertaining manner, we are uncomfortably reminded of how fatal the cost of our apathy can be.




Joan Jacobs of Portsmouth, NH, said on Amazon:


I enjoyed reading The Execution Channel. It's a real wake-up call, because it's not far fetched in today's world. Mike McCord has created a scenario that is at times funny and at other times chilling. Being a political junkie, I liked it a lot and recommend to other political junkies.




Michael Carr of Exeter, NH, a self-proclaimed "madhatter teapartying conservative," posted this on the book's Facebook page and on Amazon.


I have known Michael for a year and was (maybe) the first person to buy his book. I read the first chapter and was intrigued by the Galtian Imperatives and Real America. I must congratulate Michael on getting it done... it shows his real perseverance. It is his first book, so I can forgive minor editing quirks, if I wrote a book there would be a lot more. So what did I think? As a madhatter teapartying conservative it was a rough ride in some places. But the overall story should be looked at in context as a satire. Sometimes I would flip characters in my head and recognize progressive heavyweights as the characters  It was ultimately a fun read and if you are a progressive, liberal, or whatever brand you want then it will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. If you're a conservative do like I did, enjoy it as a fun read and bite your tongue in the appropriate places. "LONG LIVE JOHN GALT"!



Massachusetts author Bruce W. Perry wrote an Amazon Review on the book:


What if John Oliver of the Daily Show wrote the next five years or so of American history? The scenario might go like this: far right leaders of the Real American Party take over American politics and impose a purist form of Ayn Rand vision on its beleaguered citizenry, including a war on the poor (the makers vs. the moochers and takers), a new currency to replace the failed dollar (Real American Currency), programs to completely erase the federal government, hit reality shows such as The Real Homeless Of Malibu Beach and Foreclosure Justice, and of course, a cable channel that's devoted to broadcasting public executions.

Randian or Galtian principles provide the superficial reasoning; cronyism, corruption, lying, and exploitation in the name of libertarianism, are the result.

Obviously a good spoof like The Execution Channel always contains a kernal of truth and contemporary flavor. The role of the satire is to make you laugh (which The Execution Channel does on every page) as well as distill the notion that many of us have after overdosing on recent news: You don't know whether to laugh, cry, or move to Latin America or Australia.

The author McCord has paid close attention to current history, which gives an edge to his satire. He seems to grasp John Galt, the character in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, as much as the Real American Republic of Texas' nutcase governor Lawrence Bowie does ("The Galtian Imperatives" are the cult with which these characters rule dystopian America with a shameless, iron fist).

You might cringe and chuckle at the fictional zealots that populate this book. Take a character named Jason Bravtart and his wife Sandy: "As their love blossomed they would read out loud entire chapters of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead to each other in bed before and after lovemaking."

TEC sometimes reads more like a screed than a narrative (not as much character development or dialogue here), beyond the speeches they're making to their cult followers, but that has as much to do with the "political fable" or satirical genre as the author's choices.

After a humorous and regrettably believable outcome through 2017, we wonder what McCord will put together for the next exciting chapter of American politics. TEC even shows what can happen to the bucolic little place from which I write this review, which is reduced (or elevated) to "the anti-Galtian political zone of Vermont.



Susan Bruce, Dunbarton, N.H. -- On her Susan the Bruce blog, she wrote:

Fiction or Future?

Michael McCord calls this book a political fable. It's a look into a bizarre political landscape that takes place in the near future.

The book is laugh out loud funny in places. At other times it seems to be an eerie predictor of what is just about to happen. It's so well done that political junkies from every state will be able to identify which members of their legislatures might make up the Imbecile Caucus of the Mad Hatter Republicans in Real America, on both a state and national level.


In this (not so) strange world, there are two kinds of people: Real Americans or moochers. Real Americans read the Sludge Daily War Report or the Galt Street Journal. They support the Galtian Imperatives (even if they don't understand them) and the War on the Poor. Fact free statements have become the guiding principle of the Mad Hatter Republicans. The characters from Ayn Rand's novels are deified as if they'd actually existed. Vermont is a foreign country in this world, an anti-Galtian political zone.


As I was reading the book, headlines kept cropping up in the real world that were straight out of McCord's fable. On June 24: "Under GOP Plan, States Would Be Free to Take Money Away From Poorest Schools." That's right out of the Galtian Imperatives. That's what is so interesting and creepy about this book. As you read, you'll see it happening all around you. It is smart, funny, and one heck of a ride into a horrifying future. You'll find that by the end of the book you're not so sure where the lines are drawn between fact and fiction.


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